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Are you planning a trek through Nepal? Are you searching for a trustworthy trekking agency based in Nepal? Do you love Heritage and culture tour? Do you enjoy wandering through ancient buildings, monuments, temples, and palaces with time to reflect and talk? If yes, Mountain Miracle Treks & Expeditions is your ideal traveling partner. We bring your dream adventure to life with the care and attention of our local experienced guides and operators.

Get Hiking, trekking, tour in Nepal, Climbing, and expeditions packages in Nepal at excellent rates. Our team has experienced the challenges and struggles of Nepal in recent decades and has a clear understanding of what tourists, trekkers, and short-term visitors enjoy doing and learning about. Our holiday packages can be tailored to suit any age group.

We offer the chance to trek or tour anywhere in Nepal. Unlike some other agencies which focus only on well-known routes - like Everest, the Annapurna Circuits, Langtang and Manaslu - Mountain Miracle Treks & Expeditions offer packages to these and also to many less Explored regions of Nepal.

This means you and your fellow international travelers get to experience Nepalese hospitality and even come to join in many of our holiday festivals. Our travel planners work 24/7 to make your travels in Nepal as smooth and worry-free as possible. We know that the major components of tourism are our attractions, their accessibility, providing accommodation and amenities to suit your budget. Because our travel planners have traveled each and every trekking route and touring destination that we recommend, we have been able to create Authentic trekking itineraries.

We update these regularly meaning travelers can choose from budget to luxury packages which include all sorts from adventures in our wild mountains and beautiful wilderness areas, to our changing agriculture, touring ancient historic and religious sites, or simply relaxing in the area of your choice.

Join us to experience great holidaying moments in this Beautiful Himalayan nation.
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