Day hike Around Pokhara

Day hike Around Pokhara which will be a great idea and an option to know more about Pokhara and around. This place is surrounded by Mountain and such as like beautiful lake in the middle of the lake have a temple of the Baharai Goddess.  Pokhara city is the 2nd Bigger City in Nepal.  The first one of course the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu. The distance from Kathmandu 210km can reach easily by air or overland takes 25 minutes by flight and 6-7 hours by Drive. Driving along the Trishuli River with its Scenic Mountain View, lush greenery and paddy terraces could have been planted in the monsoon season, although we drive along over the Prethivi highway passing with Many Different settlements along the road.  While we drive we could observe such a beautiful lush green forest across the river which we could see very closely. 

Hiking around Pokhara is generally the act of walking for extended periods of time for the enjoyment of a natural setting. Extend this overnight and it becomes backpacking. Hiking is an activity growing in popularity around the world, though it tends to see the greatest popularity in places closer to mountains or topography as this tends to create more interesting scenery with better viewpoints. When referred to as an activity it is most commonly as a day trip that requires little planning and organization. It’s basically just walking on trails. It can involve taking a trail to the top of a mountain.

However, one can hike for many days. This normally is referred to backpacking as an activity rather than. The routes can vary from simple flat trails to steep slopes. Generally day hikes don’t hold the same prestige as backpacking. Walk along the Shores to the Fewa Lake enjoying the lush greenery environment surrounding you and a remarkable view of the High Himalaya 5 Different Annapurna Pinnacles panoramic. Flying paraglide and rowing over the lake make you happier and give you the real excitement of your moment.  

Basically, Pokhara city is known as the number one destination for Adventure and leisure, known as the gateway of the Annapurna trekking region too. In Pokhara we can experience the excitement of many different types of Activities: especially Day hiking, Boating, Pony rides, paragliding, ultra–light flight, Bungee jumping, kayoing, mountain biking, and many more Activities.