Geography and Terrain

Nepal is a charming country with three vastly different geological belts: Sloping, Himalaya and Terai (Flatland). Explorers will have the chance to explore the different regions and will encounter three distinct vegetations: Sub Tropical Deciduous backwoods is in Flatland Terai, temperate woodlands in the hilly (Sloping) regions and Alpine forests in the Himalayan belt. 

As you climb to higher altitudes you will experience the changing vegetation first-hand. Starting off with lush forests at lower altitudes (Between 2000-3500m) and becoming more and more arid and desolate until almost all signs of vegetation disappear at around 5000m and higher.

There are  various species of both fauna and flora to keep you excited and keen to see what lies waiting around the next corner. Did I mention the number of beautiful waterfalls along every trekking route!