Climate and Weather in Nepal

Nepal's weather conditions vary depending on geographical location. Generally, northern Nepal is cooler and less humid than southern Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley has favourable temperatures throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 19°C and 35°C in summer, and 2°C and 10°C in winter.

There are four distinct seasons in Nepal, each one characterized as follows:

Autumn: September - November

This is the most popular trekking month since temperatures are neither too hot or too cold, and there is little rain. Comfortable temperatures between 10°C and 25°C can be expected.

Winter: December - February

Temperatures drop to freezing in winter, with mountainous and hilly regions experiencing snow and more extreme temperatures. However, lower altitudes can still experience highs of 20°C. Skies are clear which makes trekking at lower altitudes is good.

Spring: March - May

The weather is mild in spring which makes it favourable for trekking. Temperatures are similar to those of autumn, however, occasional rainfall can be expected and maximum temperatures may rise to over 30°C as summer approaches.

Summer: June - August

Summer is known as the monsoon season, and it is characterized by being warm and humid with frequent downpours and thunderstorms.We recommend bringing a good raincoat if you intend trekking in monsoon season.