Emergency Operations

We have multiple emergency contacts available 24/7 which cover every conceivable emergency scenario. It is advised that individuals who plan a trip to Nepal (Especially for trekking) take out travel insurance (With additional cover for helicopter evacuations) and ensure that they are covered at high altitudes under their policy.

We are equipped to handle the occurance of any of the following force majeure: earthquake, avalanche, extreme climate or other natural disaster. Depending on the situation, we will apply the best remedial action so that you are safe. Your safety is our primary concern.

Under any emergency situation Mountain Miracle Treks and Expeditions will be able to arrange a rescue helicopter to come and pick up the injured person. The helicopter will be able to evacuate the person within 30 minutes of the SOS call being made. If the person does not have travel insurance we will still be able to arrange an emergency helicopter evacuation but this expense would have to be covered by the individual being evacuated.

Our experienced guides are equipped to handle every conceivable issue or setback and give the best advice around what to do in a given situation. You will have access to Oxygen at the higher altitudes if needed - this will be charged at an hourly rate of usage.

If there should arise an occurrence of the power majeure like surges, avalanches, tremor, icy mass
episode and atmosphere transforms we have different approaches.

Please contact us directly if you have any safety concerns or queries.