Why to choose us

Mountain Miracle Treks-If you are after an adventure in the Himalayas, in Nepal, in Bhutan or Tibet, and want the security of traveling with knowledgeable, trained local guides then choose us.


  • “We have years of experience in the field.”
  • “We take the pain out of organizing your journeys.”
  • “We listen to every member of the group so, you feel that you are being treated like family.”
  • “Our tour itineraries and departures are personalized to cater to groups of all sizes and combinations from families or couples to friends or students.”
  • “Our staff are all Nepalese. This gives our guides an advantage as they know the local areas and can share their skills and knowledge to give you insights into Nepalese culture, environment, geography, and history in a way that only people who have intimate knowledge of a country can do.”
  • “We arrange your trekking and sightseeing tour packages including your hotel reservations, ticketing, and park passes, flights, charter arrangements, and vehicle hire.”
  • “We offer the chance to travel not only through Nepal but also into Bhutan and Tibet.”
  • “Support Sustainable Tourism and aim to make your travel with us so memorable you want to return again and again.”

There are more reasons to choose Mountain Miracle Treks!!!

  • Ours is a registered and recognized company.

  • We are authorized to operate trekking, travel, tour, climbing, safari, and other tourism activities.

  • We have long experience in national and international trekking tours and travel and other outdoor adventure activities.

  • We use the services of local experts.

  • We encourage the use of local products to contribute directly to the rural economy.

  • We look after our staff including providing medical, rescue, and life insurance.

  • We ensure our guides and porters are provided with good quality trekking clothing and boots.

  • Opens its offices from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm seven days a week.

  • Provides trekking and touring support 24/7.